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Admissions Certification Pathway

Become an Admissions super star!

Work through the admissions courses, either by following the suggested pathway below or by discovering your own route. Then take the certification exam to evidence your knowledge and understanding of the iSAMS Admissions module.

Customise your Admissions Module

Length: 38 minutes
Make the module yours! Find out the customisation options available to you to personalise the module to your organisations needs. 

Visits, Interviews & Campaigns

Length: 48 minutes
Explore the different ways of managing your interviews and visits on iSAMS. Learn how to create your visit categories and how to log a visit against an applicant. Look at where to store interview and visit outcomes, manage attendance and use the detailed searches and reports.  

Search, Export & Report

Length: 50 minutes
Understand the comprehensive search tool within Admissions. Create excel exports containing applicant data and explore the numerous standard iSAMS reports.

Contacts, Families & Communication

Length: 45 minutes
Take a detailed look at how you can capture applicant contacts information, link siblings, and manage blended families. Learn how to contact parents and guardians. Make use of features like email templates, merge fields, headed paper and letter signatures to easily send out your favourite communications in seconds, automatically saving copies in applicants' records. 

Other Schools and Agencies 

Length: 40mins
Learn how the Other Schools and Agencies modules link to Admissions. 

Certification Exam

Length: 60mins
Take a formal assessment to certify your knowledge.

Meet the iUniversity Team

We've brought together a strong technical team to design our training courses:

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Ellie Richardson

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Alex Rowan

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Duncan McCorkindale

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