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Post Training Review  - Consultancy Call

Call Overview

Your Fee Billing module has been set up and tailored to your school's requirements, and it's now ready for your first invoice run. This final consultancy session aims to ensure that everything is correctly configured and to address any specific requirements you may have.


Everyone involved in the iSAMS Fee Billing implementation.


30 Minutes


You must have finished configuring your Fee Billing module. All contacts should be correctly identified as billing contacts and any split billing arrangements set up. Your nominal codes and charges should be imported and all charges should be assigned, ready to produce your first invoice run. 

The courses below should be completed, or the call may be rescheduled.


Although accessible on all devices, this online meeting works best on a desktop or laptop PC. A headset or speakers are recommended. 

Call Agenda

  • Ensure that everything is correctly configured for the first invoice run.
  • Discuss and address any specific requirements.
  • Schedule any additional training as required.
  • Next steps and contact information for further assistance.