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Ed:gen e-Learning Pathway

While iUniversity is iSAMS-branded, iSAMS and Ed:gen are identical in terms of functionality and setup. Following this online learning pathway will complement your Accreditation training and support, and give you a wide range of knowledge and skills in some of the core Ed:gen modules. Each of the topics below is brimming with bite-size courses, all laid out in order for you.
Don't forget, you have access to your own Ed:gen system to practice in too! We recommend you have it open in a separate browser window so you can try things out & build examples for your trainees as you go.

iSAMS/Ed:gen for Teachers

Length: 1 hour
This is a great place to start – this suite of courses shows you Ed:gen from a teacher’s point of view, allowing you to explore the day-to-day basic functionality, and setting the scene for more in-depth learning within specific modules.

System Admin

Length: 1 hour
The heart of Ed:gen is its Control Panel, where you can manage system security, users and their permissions. It’s one of the fundamental things for a school to get to grips with when they first start learning about their system.

Pupil Data

Length: 3 hours
The Student Manager/Pupil Manager module stores all current and former students’ administrative data. Learn all the ways to search, update, export, customise and communicate using this module.

HR Manager

Length: 1.5 hours
As you’d expect, staff administrative data is stored in HR Manager.  Learn how to search for staff, get in touch with them and keep their records up-to-date.

Attendance Manager

Length: 2.5 hours
Known as Registration Manager in iSAMS, Attendance Manager is the place where all pupil attendance registers are set up, managed and reported on. Learn everything about attendance, starting with how to configure it in advance of each term, edit and report on attendance data, and communicate with teachers, parents and students.

Discipline Manager 

Length: 40mins
Learn how to configure, create and administer formal detentions.

Reward & Conduct Manager

Length: 30mins
A highly customisable and sought-after module, Reward & Conduct Manager allows you to allocate bespoke items to pupils, such as commendations, awards or sanctions. Each can be given positive or negative point values, and be tracked and reported on over time, both for individuals and cohorts.

Teaching Manager

Length: 1.5 hours
Teaching Manager houses a school's academic structure, including departments, subjects, sets and their teachers and pupils. 

Timetable Manager

Length: 2.5 hours
Whether you're working with a small school with a single week's timetable, or a larger, more complex school with multiple divisions and unique schedules, all of their timetable information lives in Timetable Manager. Learn how to configure the module, import timetables from various software, and set Timetable Manager up to communicate correctly across Ed:gen with teaching groups, attendance and cover.

Meet the iUniversity Team

We've brought together a strong technical team to design our training courses:

Ellie Richardson

Ellie Richardson

Head of iUniversity

Alex Rowan

Alex Rowan

E-Learning Content Developer

Duncan McCorkindale

Duncan McCorkindale

E-Learning Content Developer