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Discipline Manager: Run your Detention Sessions

Course overview

In this course, you will learn where you can view all the detention sessions, find which ones have been assigned to you and how to take a detention register.


This course is designed for those who run detention sessions, with at least write access to the Discipline Manager module.


7 minutes

Previous knowledge

Basic iSAMS navigation required, It is recommended that the course below is taken prior to starting this course:
  1. iSAMS QuickStart: Welcome to iSAMS


Although accessible on all devices this course works best on a desktop or laptop PC. A headset or speakers are recommended. 

Course contents

Run Your Detention Sessions

  • View Detention Sessions

  • Take a Register
  • Move a Student to Another Detention Session

What's included?

  • Helpful hints and tips
  • Multiple animations
  • Interactive elements
  • Detailed examples

Take a detention register

View detention records

Use the detention analysis page

Meet the instructor

Alex Rowan

E-Learning Content Developer
As an Content Developer who joined iSAMS in 2021, Alex has contributed to the creation of high-quality, engaging content with iUniversity.

Away from work, Alex enjoys spending time with her family and two dogs, playing football, and travelling.