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Control Panel - Security Options

Course overview

Use the Security Options applet in the Control Panel to configure your system security. 

Manage the security options to:

  • Lock and disable user accounts after a number of unsuccessful login attempts. This can prevent fraudulent access to iSAMS. See Account Disable & Lock Options.
  • Set password requirements for user accounts, such as a minimum password length.
  • Lock and timeout user accounts after a set period of inactivity. This limits the exposure of your system's data to active users only.

Security features can also be configured for your system as well as user accounts. You can change the security features of your system to:

  • Limit cookie sharing across your domain. Specify the domain that the cookie applies to and select areas of iSAMS that can share the cookie.
  • Allow and force users to connect to iSAMS through a secure connection.
  • Change your system administrator's contact details.


The iSAMS System Administrator and others in the IT team responsible for the configuration of the iSAMS platform. 


4 minutes.

Previous knowledge

Basic iSAMS navigation required. It is recommended that you first complete the course(s) below: 
  1. iSAMS QuickStart - Welcome to iSAMS
  2. Control Panel - Get Started 


Although accessible on all devices this course works best on a desktop or laptop PC. A headset or speakers are recommended. 

Course contents

System Configuration

  • What are the Security Options?

Security Options

  • Account Security Options
  • System Security Options

What's included?

  • 2 videos
  • Helpful hints and tips

Set options to disable and/or lock user accounts 

Enable rules to enforce on passwords stored in iSAMS

Set up cookie sharing and force secure connections

Meet the instructor

Ellie Richardson

Head of iUniversity
Ellie brings to iUniversity over a decade of experience training schools on how to use iSAMS. Joining in 2009, first in Customer Service before moving over to Training, she has helped schools all over the world get the most from their iSAMS investment. With a love of the outdoors, when not at work, you'll find Ellie exploring the local countryside with her dog and two children.