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Sanatorium Manager to Medical Centre Data Migration

Course overview

In this course, you'll discover how your data will be seamlessly migrated from Sanatorium Manager to the Medical Centre area of the database. You'll also learn about the improved student Health Record in Student Manager, which provides greater flexibility and an enhanced user experience when managing your student health data. By the end of this course, you'll have the knowledge and skills to ensure a smooth and successful data migration, and to effectively manage student health data with ease.


This course is for iSAMS Administrators, staff who use the Sanatorium Manager module and those who will be responsible for managing the data in the Student Manager module once the migration is complete. 


18 minutes.

Previous knowledge

Basic iSAMS navigation required. We suggest you complete the following courses before this one:
  1. Welcome to iSAMS 


Although accessible on all devices this course works best on a desktop or laptop PC. A headset or speakers are recommended. 

Course contents

What Will I Learn?

  • What will I learn?
  • What the Future Looks like
  • Which Category does your School fall within?

Data Migration

  • Get ready for your Migration
  • Transferred Data from Sanatorium Manager to Medical Centre

The Student Health Record

  • The Student Health Record
  • Explore the Tabs

Medical Centre Configuration

  • User Permissions
  • Medical Sensitivity Controls
  • Reference Data
  • Doctors & Surgeries

Licence Type

  • Standard v Enterprise

What's included?

  • Data mapping
  • Multiple animations
  • 5 videos
  • Helpful hint and tips

Manage user permissions

Manage record sensitivity controls 

Create and manage reference data

Meet the instructor

Alex Rowan

E-Learning Content Developer
As an Content Developer who joined iSAMS in 2021, Alex has contributed to the creation of high-quality, engaging content with iUniversity.

Away from work, Alex enjoys spending time with her family and two dogs, playing football, and travelling.