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Registration Manager - Registration Rules, Dates, Times and Maintenance

Course overview

Consider your school's needs, learn what's possible in iSAMS, and set up your attendance registers for your school. Learn how to manually run data procedures and troubleshoot issues.


Registration Manager Administrators (often IT staff and/or iSAMS Administrators) who configure the module. They will have full access to Registration Manager. 


21 minutes.


Learners should understand what Teaching Sets are, and have a basic grasp of timetable structure and allocation. It's recommended to complete the following courses first:

  1. Welcome to iSAMS 
  2. The iSAMS Academic Structure Lesson: Teaching Manager
  3. Timetable Period & Day Structure Lesson: Allocate Timetables to your Term Weeks


Although accessible on all devices, this course works best on a desktop or laptop PC. A headset or speakers are recommended. 

Course contents

Track Your Students' Attendance

  • Track Your Students' Attendance

Rules, Dates & Times

  • Registration Rules, Dates & Times

Registration Rules

  • Considerations Before You Start
  • Create a Registration Rule
  • Manage Registration Rules

Registration Dates & Times

  • Create Registration Dates & Times
  • Manage Registration Dates & Times

Registration Maintenance

  • Registration Maintenance
  • Troubleshoot Registration Issues

What's included?

  • 4 videos
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Detailed working examples
  • Animations

Create Registration Rules

Create Registration Dates & Times

Run Registration Maintenance Procedures and troubleshoot issues

Meet the instructor

Duncan McCorkindale

E-Learning Content Developer
Duncan joined iSAMS in 2019, with a strong and varied background in Learning and Development. He has since helped hundreds of our schools make a success of their move to iSAMS, and is passionate about helping everyone get the most out of their system.

Outside of work, Duncan enjoys playing music and exploring the waters and forests of the Wye Valley.