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Introduction to SSRS

Course overview

This course is an essential pre-requisite to the Introduction to SSRS instructor-led training session. You'll learn what SSRS is, configure all the access and software you'll need for the course, and take a look at Microsoft Visual Studio to get you started.

You must complete the Essential Checklist at the end of the course. This will let your instructor know that you're ready to 


Users attending the Introduction to SSRS course, who will create and manage SSRS reports for their school.


15 minutes.


You'll need to know your way around iSAMS, and have a good understanding of the Student Manager and School Manager modules.

We also recommend you have a basic grasp of SQL including:
  • What an SQL database is.
  • What a table, a view, a row and a column is within SQL.
  • How to use a SELECT statement in SQL to retrieve data.
  • Understand using operators in SQL to filter returned data, such as '=', '<>', 'IN' etc. in the WHERE clause.
  • How to sort the result-set by more than one column.
  • How to give temporary names (aliases) to columns or tables when selecting data.
  • How to combine rows from two or more tables.
  • The differences between INNER JOIN, LEFT OUTER JOIN and RIGHT OUTER JOIN.


Although accessible on all devices, this course works best on a desktop or laptop PC. A headset or speakers are recommended. 

Course contents

What is SSRS?

  • What is SSRS?

Before You Start

  • Request Credentials and Access

The Analytics & Insights Module

  • Explore the Analytics & Insights Module

Software Installation

  • Download and Install Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio

  • Create Your First Solution
  • Create Your First Project
  • Create a Shared Datasource
  • Create a Blank Report

Before You Finish

  • Essential Checklist

What's included?

  • 1 video
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Real school examples
  • Animated infographics

Navigate the Analytics & Insights module

Install required software

Create a solution, project and report

Meet the instructor

Duncan McCorkindale

E-Learning Content Developer
Duncan joined iSAMS in 2019, with a strong and varied background in Learning and Development. He has since helped hundreds of our schools make a success of their move to iSAMS, and is passionate about helping everyone get the most out of their system.

Outside of work, Duncan enjoys playing music and exploring the waters and forests of the Wye Valley.