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iSAMS Bitesize 

Assessment or Reports cycle? It's up to you!

Take our free bitesize course to learn when an Assessment or Reports Cycle is the best choice when setting up your reports.

: Anyone responsible for managing the school reports. 

: 5 minutes 
  • Learn the benefits of Reports Cycles 
  • Learn the benefits and limitations of Assessment Cycles
  • Understand which type of cycle is best for your reporting requirements

Meet the instructor

Tyler Page

Content Designer
After starting his career as a secondary school English teacher, Tyler joined iSAMs in 2023 after over six years in education. Tyler uses his experience to design courses with a view to enabling teachers and school staff to use iSAMS so they can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time supporting their pupils. In his spare time, Tyler enjoys bouldering, playing the drums and attending gigs.