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Reports Manager: Manage Allocations

Course overview

Once you have created your reporting cycles and input templates, it is time to begin allocating templates to your cycles so the right member of staff enters the right data at the right time. 


This course is designed for those responsible for managing school reports and anyone with full access to Reports Manager. 


20 minutes.



Although accessible on all devices this course works best on a desktop or laptop PC. A headset or speakers are recommended.

Course contents

Allocations Overview

  • What are Allocations?
  • Who can Templates be Allocated to?
  • Considerations Before you get Started

How to use Allocations

  • Add Allocations
  • Add Exclusions
  • Combine Exclusions with Allocations

Allocations: Scenarios

  • Introduction
  • Example One: All student require the same template
  • Example Two: A single student doesn't require a report
  • Example Three: Only certain subjects require a report
  • Example Four: Each year requires a different template
  • Example Five: Different templates for different subjects
  • Is there anything I can't do? 

Allocate Templates Across the School Body

  • Template Assignment

What's included?

  • Step by step instructions
  • Videos
  • Configuration Scenarios

Understand Allocations

Allocate your Templates

Fine-tune your Allocations

Meet the instructor

Tyler Page

Content Designer
After starting his career as a secondary school English teacher, Tyler joined iSAMs in 2023 after over six years in education. Tyler uses his experience to design courses with a view to enabling teachers and school staff to use iSAMS so they can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time supporting their pupils. In his spare time, Tyler enjoys bouldering, playing the drums and attending gigs.